Sunday, April 02, 2006

Welcome To India News

Welcome to India News by Proud Indian!

This is the place where I share my thoughts and experience being a proud Indian. My intention is not to blame or hurt anyone. I just love to shout my joy, sadness, comfort and discomfort as an Indian citizen.

When it comes to the matter of "India" there are tons of topics to discuss. I'll do my best to update this blog regularly. Please don't moan if I'm irregular.

Oh, who am I?

I'm Mahesh Bhat from Bangalore. I'm 26, Single, never married (no children!) I'm not going to reveal my contact information. The reason is this blog might cause some controversy in the future and I'm afraid of facing legal problems.

Nevertheless I'm willing to accept any problems and huge challenges

I'm an Internet Marketer and eCommerce Business Consultant. Practically speaking I'm very busy guy. Around 2 years back I quit my full time job and started my business on the Internet. My business has given almost everything to me.

... Still my goal is big and I've long way to go

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please leave your thoughts and comments. I love to hear from my readers.

Best Regards


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